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We are a “Visual Production Design Team.”


We Specialize in 3d video projection mapping, creative services, multimedia design,  presentation & production design.


Incorporated in 2011, Augmented Visuals is one of the most established and most experienced companies in the audio visual industry. Our continual investment and commitment to quality ensures that all our customers benefit from hiring the latest equipment together with the highest level of technical production support. Augmented Visuals is always at the forefront of audio visual presentation technology, putting R&D and excellent customer service at the heart of its operation. We provide a wide range of audio visual production services from equipment hire to management of large scale audio visual projects requiring intricate planning and execution. The Augmented Visuals™ team will work closely with you to implement the best and most cost effective audio visual solutions, enabling you to produce truly outstanding events and presentations.


Projection mapping describes the technique for video projection that can make use of any surface and turn it into a dynamic visual display. It can be used to bring buildings and objects to life, create immersive environments and to provide exciting interactive experiences. A variety of different methods can be employed to achieve the desired effect but it always involves a combination of an extremely high degree of creative skill and intricate technical planning. Typically the content features a mixture of computer animation, 2D and 3D effects, live action video and traditional trompe-l’oeil techniques.


Building projection is one of the most effective ways to show groundbreaking visual content and deliver high impact advertising. In recent years architectural projection mapping has become increasingly popular and has been used to mark historic occasions, launch new products or simply entertain audiences.

VCC Projection Mapping Promo from Visual Club Concepts on Vimeo.

REEL VCC Projection Mapping from Visual Club Concepts on Vimeo.