Master video remix artist and New Orleans native DVDJ Crush has been astonishing crowds worldwide for more than 20 years. His love for entertaining crowds with his music and video creations are surpassed by none. Known for his work with some of the most viable music artists to date such as Usher, John Legend, Jennifer Hudson, Robyn Thicke and Vanilla Ice and “Official Video Remix Artist” for rapper, music producer, entrepreneur and disc jockey Lil Jon, DVDJ Crush is a powerful performer. He has entertained crowds all over the world, DJing for audiences in London, Japan, Paris and the United Kingdom as well as throughout the United States.


Crush brings his on one-of-a-kind custom audio/video creations to life by mixing and scratching the hottest music videos, cartoons, commercials and movie clips together to create a seamless flow of visual artistry for the masses.

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