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Born Damien J Thomas in Upstate , NY. Dread was born creatively ambitious, And at the age of 12 he began Watching , studying & taking points from some of his favorite DJs such as Jazzy Jeff & Kid Capri Jam Master J. & Mix Master Mike. He began Producing his own remixes at the age of 16. Not til the age of 19 did he begin to Spin locally. Dread inched his way on to the club scene of Albany, NY making a name for himself among the huge population of college students of upstate NY with his style of live remix & blends.


Shortly after gaining a residency at one of Albany’s largest night clubs in 07 he began producing a mix show on 102.3 Kiss Fm called the 5 O’Clock Bomb. Ratings for the show quickly sky rocketed which made his name very well known in the 518 area.


When it comes to a show, Dread lets his hands do the talking. He is technically very sound & can adapt to any genre of music. After making the switch in 09 to a complete video DJ , Dread uses his video edits to put an exclamation point on his turntable skills.


Dread has become the go-to talent in the Capital Region and CNY for hosting and djing major events in the region. He has become known for his versatillity in being able to get a party started in any setting. From corporate events tot he largest clubs and casinos. Any crowd , any venue , any format he has delivered.


Dread has collaborated and opened for many artists such as Lil Jon , Rev Run & Ruckus , Nina Sky, Salt N Pepa , Pauly D , Clinton Sparks ,Steve Aoki, Boys 2 Men , LMFAO, DJ Jazzy Jeff. Dev, ZEDD, Hyper Crush, Bel Biv Devo, Biz Markie , Avicii, DRU Hill, Rob Base , Black Eyed Peas, Jagged Edge, Digital Underground and many others.


His party rock style of djing continues to rock parties across the U.S.


@gmfb - did you just say Justin Timberlake can sing better than @iamjamiefoxx … nah stop cappin .. stick to angry runs bruh smh