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For many club goers the same old mixing of the current top 40 songs with an occasional throwback song mixed in has gotten tiresome and removed the fun from dancing the night away. Southern California based DJ Showtime is here to change all of that and as one of the first Video DJ’s in San Diego he is perfectly blending your favorite music with videos to not only keep your body moving but also keep you visually excited.


DJ Showtime grew up listening to a variety of different styles of music. This early love for music led him to picking up and learning to play a number of different instruments. As he learned these different musical instruments he began to learn the art of reading music while also learning to combine different sounds for the perfect mixture of musical excitement. At the age of 16 Showtime’s friend introduced him to DJ’ing and with his previous knowledge of musical notes, Showtime immediately picked up on mixing records. As he perfected his craft in DJ’ing Showtime began to DJ at various house parties and just about anywhere else where people would let him hook up his turntables. As the years passed by Showtime moved from house parties to corporate parties and weddings, which taught him how to cater to crowds of very diverse musical tastes. As his name became better known in San Diego, DJ Showtime secured his first nightclub gigs and quickly began to build a name for himself in San Diego’s club scene.


In 2008 with the new technology of Video DJ’ing slowly becoming more available, Showtime learned the art of video mixing and brought that form of entertainment to the night club scene. At first many venues were skeptical of this new technology. With a great belief in the technology, Showtime purchased his own projector to prove to the venues the power of Video DJ’ing. As one of the first DJ’s to mix video live in San Diego, Showtime quickly began to secure himself residencies at some of San Diego’s hottest nightclubs. As nightclub goers became more accustomed to seeing videos accompany their favorite songs, DJ Showtime has become one of the highest demanded VJ’s in Southern California and across the country.


Today, DJ Showtime spins regularly at high profile residencies like Club M located in the #1 rated hotel in the U.S., The Grand Del Mar and multiple venues with Caesar’s and Harrah’s Entertainment. He also continues to visually dominate nightclubs across the U.S. with guest DJ spots in many different cities. His creative and high energy videos sets have been seen (and heard) in cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Honolulu, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and of course San Diego. More cities are continually being added to the list and now nightclubs across the country can come see the man who brings the show everywhere he goes. DJ SHOWTIME!