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DJ Girl 6’s peer- and time-tested talent has won her a place in the hearts of A-list celebrities including Janet Jackson, the Jonas Brothers, Enrique Iglesias, Joan Jett, Aerosmith, Maroon 5, Sheryl Crow, Boy George,Wyclef and Sir Mix-A-Lot (to name a few)…  She performs regularly at festivals, playing for crowds in excess of 100,000 people.  Girl 6’s blend of showmanship and skill has been beamed across the airwaves into over 80 million homes regularly via Spike TV, MTV2 and Epix.  Well over 100,000 people spanning five continents purchase tickets to see her perform each year.  An award-winning expert in the field, she teaches others and is credited with releasing the first instructional DJ DVD with an all-female cast. In Spike Lee’s movie “Girl 6,” the lead character (a phone sex operator) used a number instead of her name to remain anonymous. DJ GIRL 6, on the other hand, is far from anonymous, adopting the moniker because the movie reminded her of the harsh realities behind going “all in” to pursue your dreams. Harsh realities aside, DJ GIRL 6 has fought her way to the cutting edge of DJ techniques and technology, blazing trails for others to follow for just over ten years now. At the age of 15, Girl 6 worked as a hotel maid to buy her boyfriend turntables and a mixer.  He dumped her just weeks before his birthday, leaving the gift in her closet.  Girl 6 spent the next few weeks teaching herself to scratch in order to leave an obscene message on her ex-boyfriend’s answering machine.  DJing came easy to Miss 6, even if acceptance into the male dominated craft did not.  The more club owners and less talented DJs attempted to drive her from the turntables, the harder she pursued her dream.  After a decade of perfecting her skills, her command of the equipment, music and crowd has become nothing short of sorcery.


Girl 6 is also a pioneer in the Video DJ movement, not just as a female, but as one of the first commercial video remixers on the scene, period. Her clever and thought-provoking use of wordplay and movie clips won her one of the first video remixer spots on www.crooklynclan.net where she remains the only female to date. She is also the only internationally known acclaimed female Video DJ/Remixer. Truly, Girl 6 has become one of the premiere DJs, VJs, and remixers on the planet, an exclusive club she fought and worked hard to help create. Everyone wants to be a DJ.  Boy George, Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin have all tried their hands at the decks.  DJing is just a short-lived hobby for most celebrities.  The craft requires knowledge of human psychology, sociology, expert programming skills and, on occasion, a mean right hook.  The wrong song can clear a dance floor in seconds, start a fight, induce vomiting or get a DJ kicked out of the club.  Girl 6 has been programming and rocking shows for ten years and can make a crowd stand silent, pump their fists, sing along or get laid.  She’s a professional, kids: Do not try this at home. The driving force behind Miss 6’s trailblazing is simple – she’s damn good! The simple fact is both her audio and video alike are a manifestation of a lifetime of experience. GIRL 6 has been flirting with DJing her entire life, and it’s rather obvious that DJing likes what it sees…Word spread quickly as she has been in rotation at some of the Nation’s hottest clubs and featured in international publications for over eight years as seen below:



DJ Girl 6’s current social media statistics are as follows:

Twitter: Her reach exceeds 950,000 with 7,312 followers. Her tweets are forwarded by and her followers include celebrities such as: Sir Mix A Lot, Howard Jones, Lil Jon, Cee Lo, Goodie Mob, Tim George (Racer), as well as decision makers for nightclubs, hotels and magazines alike.

Youtube: 2,168,919 views
(Girl 6 is a video DJ with remixes for sale at www.crooklynclan.net/DjGirl6

Facebook: Personal: 5,183 Artist: 2,841 with a single post having 7,264 views.

Myspace: 9,926 friends, 133,002 views, 50,328 plays

Instagram: After only a few months on Instagram she’s already acquired: 824 followers.


  • DJ for MTV2/Spike TV/Epix’s (Broadcast into 80 million homes) MMA show Bellator
  • DJed for KEXP, 180,000 live listeners wile streaming to over 10,000 listeners a day
  • DJed for KUUU 140,200 listeners per week
  • DJed for KXJM 160,000 listeners per week and more!


M1nt (Shanghai, China), Wiltern (Los Angeles, CA), MGM Events Center (Las Vegas, NV), Rich Baby (Shenzhen, China), Trinity (Seattle, WA), LAVO (Las Vegas, NV), Ruby Skye (San Fransico, CA), Globe (Guam, Tamuning), Rumor (Boston, MA), Trischli (St Gallen, Switzerland), Hub (Fargo, ND), Casbah (Atlantic City, NJ), Nikki Beach (Miami, FL), Le Baron (Tokyo, Japan), Shadow Bar (Houston, TX), Mandalay Bay Events Center (Las Vegas, NV), Blue Balls Festival (Zurich, Switzerland), Rain (Las Vegas, NV), Estrojam (Chicago, IL), Rehab Pool (Las Vegas, NV), Studio 8 (San Jose, CA), Fantasy (Xi’an, China), Plush (Dallas, TX), Hotel (Louisville, KY), Club Carlin (Billings, MT), Last Supper Club (Seattle, WA), Escherwyss (Zurich, Switzerland), Womb (Tokyo, Japan), Voodoo (Las Vegas, NV), House Of GaGa (Shenzhen, China), Hard Rock (Tampa, FL), Gossip (Vancouver B. C.), Studio 8 (San Jose, CA), Karma (Loredo, TX), Cubic (Macau, China), House of Blues (Las Vegas, NV) Stars (Munich, Germany) and more!